Queens Violation of Parole Lawyer

Queens Violation of Parole LawyerIn 2011, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo kept his promise to his fellow New Yorkers and closed seven prisons throughout the state. He campaigned on this promise and said it would save millions in tax dollars: $72 million in 2012 and $112 million the next year. It also created a massive number of new people on the trial rosters. None of the closures were the state’s maximum security facilities, which meant most of those who were paroled had non-violent convictions. Crime had reached an impressive 30 year low and the communities that lost the economic advantages the prisons had brought qualified for various economic development programs. It was a win-win in most instances.

Here’s a number that may surprise you: In 2010, there were nearly 50,000 New Yorkers on parole. In 1930, that number was a mere 4,000. It makes sense, then, that the trial guidelines and state laws have ebbed and followed as the numbers have increased. Currently, the New York Board of Parole has at least 19 full time members who hold the future of thousands of inmates in their hands. It’s a massive responsibility. It’s also a reminder that parolees must make it a priority to keep up with any changes in the laws, at least until they have completed their parole process. Many do not have parole violation lawyers, but those who do often receive better decisions in their cases.

Unfortunately, there have been many former inmates who face violation of trial . Most did so not because they were trying to skirt the laws or dismiss the courtesy that parole had provided them and ultimately their families, but rather, a miscommunication or even a clerical mistake could have resulted in them missing an important check-in. The Mirsky Law Firm has helped hundreds of these New York parolees get back on track and have helped them avoid losing their freedom once again. We can help you, too if you’re concerned about your own parole status. Our Queens parole lawyers have a proven track record of righting these wrongs. Don’t wait any longer–seek representation from a criminal defense lawyer today to discuss your parole violations.

How Do Parole Laws Work in Queens?

The parole system in New York is overseen by the New York State Division of Parole. It’s formally defined as the “supervised release of a prisoner before the completion of his/her sentence”. Don’t confuse a pardon with probation, which is considered part of the criminal law punishment aspect; parolees are simply serving the remainder of their sentences in a different capacity. They can face arrest and be forced to return to prison if they violate the terms of their parole. Those conditions might include promises to obey all laws, no drug or alcohol use, they may be required to secure employment, avoid their victims and consistently report back to their parole officer.

What is the Discretionary Release System

Some parolees have certain stipulations in place before they can be released. For instance, if a judge has ordered a convicted person to serve a minimum number of years, parole won’t be considered until the minimum years are complete. When a prisoner meets with the state’s trial board and requests parole, the board may choose to delay that consideration until the next hearing. Hearings in New York occur every two years. In the meantime, he earns good behavior provided he does nothing to cause trouble or jeopardize his freedom. If there have been no disciplinary infractions, it’s entirely possible he will only serve a portion of his sentence – usually 2/3 with the remainder being served on parole. This is provided he doesn’t have a life sentence and assuming he’s met the other requirements.

Life After Parole in New York

One of the biggest challenges parolees face is falling back into some habits of everyday life. Our Queens criminal defense attorneys have helped put a solid foundation in place for our clients for more than two decades. We provide insight and explanations as to what the rules are, what they mean and what happens if a parole violation occurs. Further, we ensure our Queens County clients understand that we are always available to answer any questions or to help them maneuver the uncertainties that come with remaining in compliance with the parole board.

Don’t Take Unnecessary Risks with Your Parole

As we’ve mentioned, sometimes a New York parole violation is committed by a client who is unaware that he’s broken the rules. Don’t underestimate the potential problems you’ll face by ignoring it, sweeping it under the rug or allowing one wrong choice to influence future choices. In Queens, a violation of parole charge can mean more prison time, which will mean more time away from your family and potentially, the loss of your job.The repercussions are long reaching. It’s a chance you don’t want to take.

Not sure if you’ve violated your trial ? No problem – give us a call and let’s get to the bottom of it. The last thing you want to do is have a proverbial black cloud hanging over you. It doesn’t have to be that way–contact an experienced criminal defense attorney at our law offices today.

Remember the hardships that were created by your absence. Not only did you lose your freedom, but there were financial hardships for your family, children who might have had to face questions they weren’t prepared for at school, parents who spent their savings on your defense and bills that went unpaid. These are risks you don’t have to take and if you make a mistake, owning it up to immediately is your best solution. We have experience defending clients who are facing serious parole violation charges, and can help you if you are charged as well.

We are aggressive litigators and we are familiar with the state’s court and trial system, so we can fight on your behalf. Our clients trust us for our proactive defenses and we proudly represent our clients in ways that are transparent and ethical and our track record speaks for itself. Give us a call today or fill out the form on this site to learn how we can help you with your trial violation.