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Armed robbery is the crime of taking or attempting to take something valuable by force or threat with the use of a weapon. When someone carries a weapon in a robbery, whether is it used or not, police, prosecutors and judges can assume that it was intended to be used. Because of the potential for harm to others, armed robbery can be punished very severely in a court of law. Even the use of a toy weapon, or pretending to have a weapon when you don’t is included in this category. Since the victim is not aware that the weapon isn’t real, it is still considered armed robbery by the courts and law enforcement.

New York law makes no distinction between force and the threat of force. Holding a person down and digging forcefully into that person’s pockets for a wallet meets the elements of robbery as does pointing a knife and forcing the victim to hand over the wallet. If the victim believes that a person has a reasonable ability to act immediately on a threat, then even a whisper across a dinner table can be used to deliver the necessary threat of force.

Armed robbery is a felony, not just a misdemeanor, so you need the legal representation of a Long Island armed robbery defense attorney from the Mirsky Law Firm immediately if you’ve been charged with this crime. If you are found guilty, the penalties are harsh and you could be sentenced to up to 25 years in prison depending on the circumstances of the crime. The Long Island armed robbery defense attorneys at the Mirsky Law Firm know that the prosecution will try to establish that a weapon was intended to be used and he will fight to show that this was not the case. By establishing that the prosecutor is wrong and the weapon was never intended for use, your charges could be reduced, which can have a dramatic effect on your life.

What To Do If You’re Accused

When a robbery is reported, police will usually interview victims and, if they have any clear suspects, interview those suspects. If they have reason to believe that a suspect is hiding evidence in a crime, then the police may be able to get a warrant to search the suspect’s property, but the response from the suspect should be the same, either way.

Despite what your instincts might tell you, avoid becoming argumentative toward police, and don’t try talking yourself out of it.  Instead, remain calm, cooperate fully with police instructions, and ask for a Long Island criminal defense attorney as soon as they start asking questions.  Even if questions seem unimportant or irrelevant, there is no telling how the responses to those questions will be used.  Beyond identifying yourself to the police by name and date of birth, you are under no obligation to answer any of their questions.  Even if you inadvertently start an interview with a police officer, you can end the interview whenever you want, and are not required to make any further statements after you have ended the interview. Even if you are not actually talking to a police officer, if a police officer can hear a conversation between you and a friend or family member, the officer can generally record the statements made by you in the police report of the incident, which will then be used as evidence in your trial.

It’s important to understand your rights. Instead of worrying about saying the wrong thing, it is better for suspects to worry about saying nothing at all. They may feel pressured or intimidated into answering questions, but a person is never required to speak to police. They may have to wait in police detention while an investigation is conducted, by suspects in no way have to take an active part in any investigation waged against them by the state. This is why suspects are allowed to remain completely silent and unquestioned through an entire criminal trial and in front of a jury, because American law generally gives the defendant the benefit of the doubt.

Armed Robbery Penalties

Armed robbery poses real risks to the public. When gunfire erupts, the final consequences can never be predicted. Thus, jail time for armed robbery – even for first offenders – is almost inevitable after a conviction.

If a firearm is employed or if someone is injured, an armed robbery will be charged as a felony. A prison term for armed robbery in New York can run for up to 25 years, depending on the particulars of the crime. Defendants may also lose the right to own a firearm in the future. An armed robbery conviction can also affect your personal and professional life. Many people find their community has turned its back on them as a result of the conviction. It may be difficult for you to find a business who is willing to hire you after a conviction as well. Because of this, finding work is much harder after an armed robbery conviction.

If you are accused, rightly or wrongly, of armed robbery, hire a good criminal defense lawyer immediately. It’s possible that you’ve been misidentified or that the claim that a robbery took place is a complete fabrication. Whatever the truth is, your attorney will find it and fight aggressively for justice on your behalf. In fact, if you face any criminal charge on Long Island or in New York City, speak to an experienced Long Island criminal defense lawyer as quickly as possible. The attorneys at Mirsky Law Firm are well versed in criminal law and have experience representing clients in cases involving misdemeanors and felonies. To learn more about the charges you are facing and how an attorney can provide you with protection, contact Mirsky Law Firm today. Help is here, but you must make the call.

Experienced Long Island Armed Robbery Defense Attorney

Due to the seriousness of being charged with armed robbery and the potential consequences to your future, it is urgent that you contact an experienced Long Island armed robbery defense attorney now to protect your rights. It’s best to contact an attorney as soon as possible after an arrest in order to get the most out of their legal services. Every day that you wait, the chance of a positive outcome lessens, and the right Long Island armed robbery defense attorney can make all the difference.

A number of defense strategies are possible. You may have been misidentified; the whole incident may have been a misunderstanding; and in some cases no robbery occurred at all and the entire story was a fabrication. A good defense lawyer will look at every aspect of your case, develop an appropriate defense, and fight vigorously for justice on your behalf. If you’re arrested for armed robbery or any theft crime in New York City, Nassau County, or Suffolk County, put your case immediately in the hands of an experienced Long Island criminal defense attorney.

Mr. Mirsky has years of trial experience and will build a convincing defense on your behalf in the fight to avoid conviction. The penalties for armed robbery are severe and the ramifications on your future are serious. Do not go into court alone and try to defend yourself. Do not leave your life in the hands of a public defender. The team of lawyers at Mirsky Law Firm have experience defending clients against a variety of charges, including sex crimes, drug crimes, traffic violations, and DUI.  The top Long Island armed robbery defense attorneys at the Mirsky Law Firm understands that it is your future on the line and he will aggressively fight for your freedom. Every minute counts – call or fill out the form on this site today to get the free advice you need, before it’s too late.Long Island criminal defense attorneyLong Island armed robbery defense attorneys