Long Island Drug Manufacturing Defense Attorney

In the United States, it is illegal to be involved in the manufacturing, distribution, or sale of drugs. Due to the safety and health risks associated with the manufacturing of controlled substances, the state of New York imposes stiff punishments for those convicted. Whether or not the drugs are manufactured with the intent to sell, those convicted find themselves on the receiving end of lengthy prison sentences and thousands of dollars in fines. If you have a drug manufacturing charge, which includes making, producing, preparing or repackaging a controlled substance, it is vital that you speak with a Long Island drug crimes defense attorney immediately.

Long Island Drug Manufacturing Defense Attorney

The Long Island drug manufacturing defense attorneys at the Mirsky Law Firm collectively have represented clients in drug related cases for more than 80 years. We are familiar with the procedures used by the prosecution to build and present a case, and are able to identify any weaknesses in their presentation. Regardless of how overwhelming the evidence against you may be, our lawyers can and will help.

What To Do If You’re Arrested

Whenever a person has contact with police, it is in the person’s best interests to announce that he or she will be exercising the right to remain silent until legal counsel has been secured. The right to remain silent does not kick in when it is advised by police, it is a right that exists perpetually and that can be exercised by anyone for any reason. This should stop police questioning but, if it doesn’t, the line can be repeated as often as necessary. If the right to remain silent is not obviously exercised, then the person risks losing out on the protections of the 5th amendment, the one which protects individuals from self incrimination. Anything said, including suspicious silences and the stubborn refusal to answer questions, by a person before exercising the right to remain silent, or before being advised of the right to be silent by a police officer, may be used against the person in court. The statements made by the person may be offered as evidence in support of a prosecutor’s case, and any suspicious silences or stubborn refusals to answer police questions could be presented as evidence of a guilty conscience. This is why it is better for suspects to exercise the right to remain silent, and receive the protections of the 5th amendment, as early on during police contact as possible.

Some people think that if they refuse to answer police questions or “lawyer up” by asking for legal counsel that they will somehow look guilty.  Make no mistake about it, exercising one’s rights does not make a person look guilty – going to jail or prison because certain statements were misinterpreted, or because a public defender recommends it, makes a person look guilty. If you are facing a drug charge involving prescription drugs, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, or any other narcotics in Suffolk County or Nassau County, seek representation from a criminal defense attorney at Mirsky Law Firm.

Drug Manufacturing Charges

Criminal drug manufacturing takes place when an individual is part of any step of the illegal drug production. Those who sell ingredient chemicals, special equipment, or otherwise offer to help may also be criminally charged. Production of illegal drugs is usually a felony offense, and a conviction for this drug crime comes with severe penalties. Sentences for felonies may include jail time, severe fines, and probation. Sentences and fines can be even tougher for those convicted of manufacturing illegal drugs near schools, playgrounds, or other designated drug-free zones. If you have prior convictions for drug crimes on your record, you may also face tougher penalties.

To be convicted of manufacturing or intending to manufacture illegal drugs, prosecutors must prove both possession and intent to manufacture. Intent is often a difficult element of a crime to prove because it requires that the prosecution enter the head of the accused and attempt to ascertain what the accused was thinking and when he or she was thinking it.  In many cases, intent is established from the comments made by the accused him or herself when questioned by police.

However, sometimes it can be proved in other ways. For example, pseudoephedrine was once a popular cold medication, but it’s also an ingredient of methamphetamine. If police in the past were to find pseudoephedrine in an individual’s home, that finding alone may not have been sufficient to prosecute for manufacturing. If, however, police also found equipment commonly used to manufacture meth, that finding could lead to an arrest. Likewise, possession of pot seeds does not necessarily indicate an intention to cultivate marijuana, but if officers also find grow lamps, the lamps may trigger an arrest.

Many New Yorkers mistakenly believe manufacturing marijuana is not a serious crime. Possession of small amounts of marijuana has already been decriminalized in New York, which means that anyone who is caught with a very small amount of marijuana faces nothing but a simple citation – just like the kind that would be handed out to people who run a stop sign or who are caught speeding a few miles over the speed limit. However, the state of New York continues to aggressively pursue and prosecute individuals who grow marijuana. For this reason, anyone living in the state of New York is advised not to attempt to grow any marijuana of their own, no matter how small the operation might be.

The state of New York has been well-known for having the toughest drug laws in the nation. The most egregious offenders can face up to twenty years in prison. If you are charged with the illegal manufacturing of drugs in New York City or on Long Island, now or in the future, arrange at once to speak with an experienced New York criminal defense lawyer.

Dismissing The Case

Often, a lengthy investigation can lead to your arrest, and this investigation may involve both local and federal officials. We have the experienced and the knowledgeable Long Island drug manufacturing defense attorneys who will identify mistakes made during the investigation, as well as any mishandlings of the case that can be used to your advantage. Many drug manufacturing cases rely on the evidenced gathered during the investigation, and some mistakes made by the police will result in the dismissal of the evidence gathered. We will work diligently to prove evidence presented against you is inadmissible while we systematically dismantle the prosecution’s case.

Long Island drug manufacturing defense attorney David M. Mirsky is admitted to practice law on both a local and federal level, and has been defending the accused for more than 20 years. Mr. Mirsky understands the elements of the drug manufacturing charges brought against you and possesses the acumen to combat them. Do not place your life in the hands of an inexperienced criminal lawyer – contact the Long Island drug manufacturing defense attorneys at the Mirsky Law Firm today. Call our office or fill out the form on this site to schedule a consultation to discuss your drug charges, learn about the courts and process of going to trial, and review your legal options..