Queens Hit and Run Lawyer

Hit and Run Lawyer in QueensIf you’ve been charged with committing a hit-and-run accident, you stand to lose your driver’s license, your freedom and even your job. License suspension, restitution and jail sentences are common punishments for those who have been convicted. Hit and run is defined as a person involved in a collision with a vehicle, truck, pedestrian, or other property, but who fails to stop and provide information to the other party. Instead, he leaves the scene of the accident. Often, there is no crime committed until the decision is made to leave before law enforcement arrives. Still, there are ways an experienced Queens hit and run attorney can find a resolution that does not mean any jail time or other significant punishments. The key is to not let opportunities slip past. Our law firm can help. In fact, in many hit and run cases, if any crimes are committed, they’re usually minor and often result in nothing more than a fine. Delving further, many of those fines are less than $1,000 provided you don’t leave the scene.

Can I Go to Jail Because of a Hit and Run Accident?

It’s human nature to want to flee a scene that scares us. Involvement in an auto accident on the road is one of those frightening events, but there exists a legal obligation to remain on the scene until police arrive. In fact, it’s the law. If you have a suspended or expired driver’s license, if you are concerned the police may be looking for you or if you simply have unpaid parking tickets, you may be worried about those issues too.

Did you know, though, that by doing the right thing and even if you do face some unfinished legal business, an experienced and compassionate hit and run lawyer in Queens can not only represent you in the current accident, but he can also provide legal guidance in a way that allows you to finally put the past behind you too? Many of our clients say they hadn’t realized how heavy the burden was until it was no longer on their shoulders.

I’ve Been Involved in Hit and Run…Now What?

If you have been involved in a hit and run accident, as mentioned above, it’s crucial to remain on the scene. Instinct tells us to provide to police a story that doesn’t make us look irresponsible or makes us look as though it’s our mistake. Still, it’s important to resist that natural desire to “sugarcoat” the truth. With more than 38,000 hit and run accidents, law enforcement has seen and heard it all.

It’s imperative that you not attempt to hide your car nor should you report it stolen as a way of distancing yourself from the accident. Remember, by leaving the scene of the accident, you have committed a crime. What might have been a small misdemeanor charge with an even smaller fine could evolve into a more serious felony, which if convicted, means you lose many of your rights, including the right to vote.

If you are arrested at the scene, you have rights. As hit and run lawyers in New York, we know the worst thing you can do is to forego those rights in an effort of telling your side of the story. This goes back to that urge to tell our side of the story in the best light. If you can resist that urge long enough to contact our Queens law office, our experienced team can react quickly to help ensure you don’t become your own worst enemy. You’re stressed, but allow your attorney to guide you through that stress. You’ll have an opportunity to tell your side of the story.

You will likely be contacted by an insurance company in short order, including your own. Odds are, it will likely make contact through a phone call. Again, anything you say will likely be recorded and potentially used against you should litigation be required. There are many ways insurance companies and their lawyers work in tandem to protect their bottom line. Shouldn’t you extend to yourself those same courtesies?

If there were injuries in the crash, the other driver may want to file a personal injury claim to receive compensation for his medical bills and other expenses. If someone was killed in the traffic accident, a member of the deceased’s family may pursue a wrongful death case against you. On top of these civil issues, you may face criminal charges for leaving the scene. Speak to the attorneys at Mirsky Law Firm who have years of experience helping people accused of leaving the scene of motorcycle, truck, and car accidents. The criminal and civil consequences of a hit and run charge can be overwhelming and can affect your life for years to come. We know the criminal law well, and can help each client achieve the best possible outcome in their case.

I Was Drinking When the Wreck Occurred

If you are involved in a hit and run accident and law enforcement administers a breathalyzer that you fail, the dynamics shift quickly. Unless there’s been serious property damage or worse, someone was injured, your biggest problem won’t be the hit and run, but rather, the DUI or DWI charges you now face will be your biggest challenge. If you decline, you may be asked to submit to a chemical test where your blood, saliva or urine will be tested.

You may also be ordered to participate in an officer’s field sobriety determination on the scene. The officer is acting within the confines of New York laws. He will look for a number of things as a result of the tests. You may be asked to balance yourself on one leg, recite the alphabet, walk a straight line and put your finger to your nose.

Why David M. Mirsky?

David and his team understand the challenges associated with being charged with a crime, whether it’s for leaving the scene of an accident, drunk driving, parole violation or any other criminal offense. It affects more than the one who’s been arrested. It can result in job losses, divorces and more. By choosing an attorney who is sensitive to these truths and who has successfully represented hundreds of residents in and around Queens and Long Island, you’re giving yourself the best opportunity for coming out on the other side without the burden of overwhelming fines or a loss of freedom.

It’s our belief that everyone is entitled to a solid defense when being charged with a crime. It’s the foundation our nation is built on. We welcome the opportunity to discuss with you the options available for your unique situation. Our goal is to always help our clients get back to living their lives without the heavy burden of legal problems on their shoulders.If you would like to schedule a free consultation with one of our Queens criminal defense attorneys, please fill out the form on this site or call us at 718-412-8322.