You have to be really brave to open a pizzeria in Queens, New York. Why? Because if there is one thing New Yorkers are serious about, it is their pizza. New York was the landing place for many citizens of Italy and Sicily. These people make pizza like it was intended to be made. The crust is made by hand and is the perfect combination of crispy and doughy. The sauce must be perfectly blended. Mozzarella cheese has to be thick enough to give you the kick of flavor, but not so much as to overpower the pie. Toppings are optional, but if you add one, it must be fresh.

So, we did our best to narrow the list of best pizzerias down for you. Hey, it was tough, but somebody had to do it.

Note: These restaurants are in and around Queens, NY.

Louie’s Pizza

If we were forced to choose just one pizzeria, we would have to go with Louie’s. The pizza is hot and fresh. The toppings are of the highest quality. You can tell these are not frozen or prepackaged toppings. Someone cut them up fresh. The service is good and the prices are always fair.

Long story short, Louie’s Pizza is authentic, New York style pizza.

Margherita’s Pizzeria

This restaurant has been in Queens since 1966, and it is still a local favorite. The old-fashion style of standing at the counter and eating provides retrospective fun. You can order by the slice or buy a whole pie. Everything is fresh and servedquick. The service is always good.

Rosa’s Pizza

This is Sicilian pizza at its best. The crusts are thicker and the cheese is always perfectly melted. The pizza kind of has some kick to it. The price is about the same or a bit more than other places in the area. But, if you want authentic Sicilian pizza, you know it is worth it.

Amore Pizza

This pizzeria is not on the high traffic routes of Flushing. It is tucked away in a quiet shopping area and it is a delightful break from the busy city life. The pizza is delicious and we found the restaurant is calm and casual. It is a perfect way to recover from a tough day at the office.

Gino’s Pizzeria

Let’s face it. If you are going to open a pizzeria in the Queens area and name it Gino’s, it better be some good pizza. Gino’s never lets us down. The pizza is straight up perfect. The sauce is tangy and the cheese is just covering the sauce like any self-respecting Italian chef would make. Gino’s is a busy place, so go early.

Rizzo’s Fine Pizza

Rizzo’s has great pizza, but it is the other Italian dishes on the menu that make you say, “wow!” From the garlic knots to the cannolis, everything is delicious. The best part is the price!

This is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. There are so many more pizzerias in the area that probably should be on this list. You will just have to try them for yourself to see which is best.