What makes a neighborhood the best? What is best for you may not be ideal for someone else. We all try to gravitate to people that live our lifestyle. Single adults will rent where there are other singles. Young people raising a family will look for neighbors that are also raising a family. But there are some factors that are necessary for everyone to consider.

In looking for the best neighborhoods in Queens, we looked at the crime rate, the schools in the area, how clean and well-kept the properties are, if there are outdoor activities and parks, and if there was shopping, restaurants, and medical care nearby. From this, we came up with a list that we are happy with. You may be looking for something different, but this is a good starting point.


This neighborhood is popular for young professionals. The neighborhood is only a few minutes from the city. The rent is lower here and they have a thriving nightlife. There are plenty of places to eat, shop, and play. The parks are filled with runners and sports lovers on the weekends and also, there are two beer gardens.

Jamaica Estates

This is the neighborhood to turn to if you have a family. The homes are larger and they have more open space. The neighborhood is quiet and safe. Residents are more affluent here, but access to the better private schools in the area makes it worth it. There is also easy access to the midtown area.

Forest Hills

The homes in Forest Hills are family-friendly. The neighborhood has a low crime rate and the homes are well cared for. There is plenty to do. The parks are amazing and there is golf, horseback riding, and plenty of walking and running trails. The average rent for a two-bedroom apartment in Forest Hills is $2000.00 per month or less.


If you need to be closer to Manhattan, you will like Sunnyside. It overlooks the East River and the rent is affordable. The middle-class feel lets you know this area is safe and neighbors watch out for each other. There are plenty of places to go for shopping and dining.

Long Island City

This area is a well blended and diverse area with something for everyone. There are plenty of boutiques, art galleries, museums, and shops. There are fancy restaurants and clubs for the weekend. You can be in the city in minutes via subway.


Suburbia, done New York style. This is for the upper-middle-class executive. The yards are big, and the homes run in the $400K range. There are homes to rent as well. This is for the established family. The schools are very good and the neighborhood is beautiful. This is more the “invite the neighbors for a drink” than the “neighborhood barbeque” kind of place. You have friendly privacy. The neighborhood has everything you need for comfort and fun.

There are many other very nice neighborhoods in Queens. Queens, NY has a large population and often areas will change as families change and grow. Overall, the crime rate is lower than the city and there are shops, museums, and outdoor activities. Queens has adopted the good things brought by city living while maintaining the quiet life of the suburbs.