If you love to go out for breakfast, you have some great places to choose from in Mineola, NY. This list takes into consideration how good the food tastes, the comfort and cleanliness of the restaurant, the costs, and the service. There are fine dining restaurants on Long Island, but we were not looking for those. They may or may not be on our list, but it depends on the food. Enjoy!

Thomas’s Ham & Eggery

This is a little place on an old country road and they make the top of our list! The food is excellent and there is a lot of it. The prices are very reasonable. You may not notice the place unless you are looking. But ask anyone, they are sure to know where it is.

La Bottega

Authentic Italian restaurant with breakfast, brunch, salads, and sandwiches. It is a very nice restaurant and the service is wonderful. This is a place to go for a nice meal, not a quick bite. You will want to relax and take your time.

Second Street Deli & Cafe

They serve breakfast and brunch. They are best known for their deli sandwiches, but there is a pretty good selection. They get extra points for being super friendly and polite. Nice to see old fashion customer service.

Garden City Bistro

Get there early or be prepared to wait. Garden City Bistro has the best wraps in the city. Good food, good serving sizes. There usually is a line, because they are so popular and because the food is that good.

My Three Son’s Bagel Cafe

Very good for something a bit different. The bagel with meats is a favorite and it comes with a salad. We don’t know how they serve that much food for the price, but we are not complaining. Give it a try.


This is traditional American food at its best. They have a good selection and I think our group tried almost all of it. Good for breakfast and lunch but come back for a drink later.

Stella’s Cafe

Traditional American breakfast and brunch. The comfort level is off the charts with their big booths. The food was hot and served quickly. Yes, you will go back.

Park City Breakfast

Good breakfast selection and good lunch selection. They also have fantastic burgers. For a mid-morning group, this is the place to go. Everybody is happy. Prices are not great, but not bad either. Perfect for the folks who all want something different.

Chris’s Deli

American food, good breakfast, and very good sandwiches. The best part of the experience was the service. The staff treats you like family. They are always good to see you.

Mineola is not that big of a city, so it is amazing that there are so many great places to eat there. Mineola is a short train ride from New York, so maybe that’s where everyone comes from. All we know is that the restaurants are always hopping and the griddles are always cooking.