We take as much care in choosing our automobile mechanics as we do our doctor. After our homes, our automobiles are our largest investments. They cost thousands of dollars and we depend on them to maintain our standard of living.

There are three options when choosing a mechanic in Mineola. You can go to a big name shop. They buy in large numbers so they usually have a good price on parts. However, they have expensive labor rates. Their mechanics are trained and certified.

The second option is to go to a small, privately owned mechanic. This is where you will get good and personal service. The small shop owner wants to earn repeat business. He knows that you will send others to him. This option is often more cost-effective. Your parts may cost a bit more, but the labor rates are usually lower and the small business owner stands behind their work.

The third option is what we call shade-tree service. This is the guy who does mechanic work on the side. They usually instruct you to buy your parts and they give you a set price to install them. This can be a very good choice or a bad one. The shade-tree mechanic maybe a mechanic for a large company and he simply does this on the side for extra cash. If you know him and know he is good at his job, it will be cheap and fast. However, he will not guarantee his work due to the nature of the business. If you do not know him and you do not know of anyone who can vouch for him, it is best to go with one of the first two options.

Mechanics In Mineola

Mineola Auto Service Center

This is an all-around mechanic that does everything from tune-up to engine work. They have a good rating with customers who use them. They are a good size company and they have many parts on hand. Prices are reasonable and competitive.

K’s Auto

This shop is a no-frills location. They fix cars. They are a nothing fancy old-fashion shop and they get the job done and do it right. The mechanics are experienced, knowledgeable and honest. They tell you upfront what they think and what they can do. They have a good rating.

R & S Auto Repair Shop

Good general mechanic. They service all types of cars and they give you personal attention. Great for big jobs and the kind of shop you would go to for general maintenance.

Gold Coast Auto Repair

This shop does general work, but they specialize in foreign cars. This is where you will go for work on your Mercedes Benz, or BMW. If you own an import you know how hard it is to find a good mechanic that can even work on them (most large shops refer these cars to the dealership). They are experienced and your import is in good hands. Their prices are competitive.

Triple P Auto Repair

This is a small company with the on-hands owner on site. They are friendly and give good service. People who have used them say their prices are good and they trust the owner. Good general mechanic.