It is almost impossible to list which of the restaurants in the Queens area, is the “best.” When you are trying to choose which are the best Italian restaurants versus which are the best American restaurants, how do you compare?

We have selected our favorite restaurants in Queens, New York. We based it on the authenticity of the food, the taste, the atmosphere, and the price. We hope you will enjoy trying to determine which restaurant is “best” for you and that you have quite the delicious journey.

Trattoria L’incontro

This is an upscale Italian restaurant and the food is supreme. Everything on the menu is fresh and perfectly prepared. The restaurant is beautiful and comfortable, and they provide excellent service. They serve all traditional Italian favorites and have wonderful desserts. They have been in business since 1999 and have the facilities to handle large and corporate events. Reservations are accepted.

Salt & Bone Smokehouse

This is a casual place that features barbeque. It is popular for family events. The restaurant is comfortable with lots of windows with wood accents. They serve traditional pulled pork, brisket, ribs and other barbecue favorites. This is a great place for group dinners.

Sugar Freak

This restaurant has the look and feel of dining in New Orleans. They serve authentic Cajun dishes that will blow your mind. They also feature breakfasts favorites like waffles and chicken and biscuits and gravy. This is like taking a trip down south.

Summer Vietnamese

We cannot give them many points for decor. This place is white. That is pretty much it. Everything is white. But, you really will not care if you love traditional Vietnamese food. They have pickled vegetables that they pickled in-house. They serve noodles and teas. If you want good Vietnamese food, this is a top choice. It is clean and the food is reasonably priced.

Desired Taste International

This Chinese restaurant is unique and wonderfully unusual. They specialize in Kao Yang Tui, which translates to Lamb Skewer. The owners are from Northeastern China and the restaurant is already on all of the hot spot lists. The skewers are the largest we have ever seen, as one can easily feed 4 people. Each of you will receive a fork and a knife, which are as long as your forearm. Unusual, authentic, and delicious all in one.


Another wonderfully original restaurant with authentic Nepalese food. They have a lot of options on their menu. We recommend the pork dumplings and the Chicken Choila.

M. Wells Steakhouse

M. Wells Steakhouse serves steak and burgers. This is not even close to a traditional steakhouse, beef burger, restaurant. They have very odd combinations that are unique and delicious. For example, they offer a 24-ounce burger which is dressed with caviar and foie. This is unlike anything you’ve ever tried before, but you certainly will want to try it again.

Queens has restaurants for Greek, American, Mexican, Japanese and other cuisines. There is virtually a restaurant for any palate in this borough. Finding the best one will take some research (and eating) and still, it probably will end in a coin toss, because they are all really good.