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Suffolk County DWI defense attorneyOf course you’re likely to be charged with DWI if you drive home after having one too many, but in recent years New Yorkers have been charged with DWI in plenty of other circumstances, including:

  • Driving a horse-drawn carriage
  • Sleeping in your parked car
  • Riding a bicycle
  • Operating a boat
  • Flying an airplane
  • Operating farm machinery
  • Walking home, and more

Police officers are more likely to pull you over if your lights don’t work, you toss cigarette butts out the window, you have a license plate violation, or you have dark tint film on your car windows. To avoid trouble, make sure that everything on your car is in order so police officers do not pay more attention to you. Once a police officer pulls you over, they could suspect that you have been drinking and driving and ask you to step out of the car for a field sobriety test.

In Suffolk County, if a police officer is persuaded that you are a threat to your own well-being or the public safety, you could be arrested, fined, lose your driver’s license, lose your job, or worse. It doesn’t matter why you were stopped by the police; if they think you were driving while intoxicated, your life could be devastated. Our Suffolk County criminal defense attorneys can help. With possible fines, jail time, and more for a DWI conviction, you absolutely must have a good Suffolk County DWI defense attorney working for you – a lawyer who will defend your legal rights while achieving the best possible resolution of the charge(s) against you.

Impaired Driving Crimes

You already know that driving while intoxicated is a crime. Your judgment, coordination, and ability to drive are reduced when you drink any amount of alcohol. There is no quick way to get sober. You simply have to wait until your body absorbs the alcohol. Thus, if you plan on driving, don’t drink, and if you plan on enjoying several drinks, call a taxicab or a car service or arrange to have a designated driver. If you’re charged anywhere on Long Island or in the New York City area with DWI or any of the other crimes listed here, immediately contact an experienced Long Island DWI defense attorney. Here are the specific charges that can be filed against impaired drivers in New York:

  • Driving While Intoxicated (DWI): To be charged, you must register a 0.08 percent or higher blood alcohol content (BAC) level, or there must be other evidence of intoxication. For drivers of commercial vehicles, the legal limit is a 0.04 percent or higher blood alcohol content (BAC) level.
  • Aggravated Driving While Intoxicated (Aggravated DWI): To be charged, you must register a 0.18 percent or higher BAC level.
  • Driving While Ability Impaired by Alcohol (DWAI/Alcohol): To be charged, you must register a BAC level higher than 0.05 percent but below 0.07 percent, or there must be other evidence of intoxication.
  • Driving While Ability Impaired by a Single Drug other than Alcohol (DWAI/Drug) or Driving While Ability Impaired by a Combined Influence of Drugs or Alcohol (DWAI/Combination).
  • Chemical Test Refusal: Refusing to take a chemical DWI test.
  • Zero Tolerance Law: To be charged, a driver under 21 must register a BAC level higher than 0.05 percent but below 0.07 percent.

Penalties for a first offense-DWI in New York can include fines from $500 to $1,000, up to one year in jail and three years of probation, a yearly $250 “driver responsibility assessment” fee for three years, and attendance at a victim-impact panel. Along with these penalties, your driver’s license may be revoked for six months; however, in some cases you may be allowed to obtain a conditional driving permit (for driving to and from work, school, and court-ordered obligations).

However, if your BAC level measures 0.18 percent or higher – more than double the legal limit – you can be charged with “aggravated” DWI. If convicted, the fine can go up to $2,500, your license can be revoked for a full year, and after a year in jail you could serve an additional three years on probation.

If you or someone in your family is charged with any of these crimes, get legal help fast. Contact an experienced Long Island DWI defense attorney as quickly as possible.

DUI Defense Fees

Most lawyers set base prices for their services, but certain other fees and expenses can increase the total bill which the suspect will be expected to pay for the legal services provided. Attorney base prices will generally represent the amount which the attorney charges for his or her own professional services. This usually includes legal research, preparation and review of legal documents, representation in court, and representation doing interviews / interrogations. Expenses like filing fees, postage fees, and other administrative fees are generally not included in an attorney’s base price.

In DUI cases, an expert witness with private investigative and accident reconstruction experience can offer valuable insight into the evidence collected and the investigative aspects of a case. When a relevant or expert witness is geographically far away from where the trial will be held, then the suspect will likely be expected to pay travel expenses. Expert witnesses will also generally charge an hourly fee for any time that they have to spend on the stand or preparing to give testimony.

Aside from the testimony of police officers and witnesses, one of the most important pieces of evidence that may exist in a DUI trial is the result of chemical tests. Chemical tests are used to determine the amount of drugs or alcohol in a person’s system and are generally required under implied consent laws to be taken during the investigation phase of a DUI allegation. When a sample of the person’s blood or urine has been collected (suspects generally have the option of submitting to a chemical test of either blood, breath, or urine), the sample can be independently tested by the defense – a re-analysis of a blood or urine sample may be another expense that the suspect of the DUI will have to pay for.

While fighting allegations of driving under the influence might seem expensive, the financial costs pale in comparison to the personal and professional costs of being convicted of a serious DUI offense. A successful conviction can result in time behind bars, fines, the loss of employment, the inability to find employment in the future, and the loss of respect from family and friends. Considering the consequences involved with facing allegations of driving under the influence, suspects of DUI simply can’t afford not to partner with experienced legal counsel.

Why You Need An Attorney

David Mirsky’s outstanding record of success defending DWI clients has been established over two decades. He will clarify your case’s key legal and factual issues and develop the best possible defense strategy. David works aggressively to defend your rights and to discredit the case against you. He will find out why you were pulled over and what the police officer(s) observed. He may also attempt to discredit the results of any blood, breath, urine, or field sobriety exams that were conducted. There’s almost always a flaw in any prosecutor’s DWI case; Suffolk County DWI defense attorney David Mirsky will find that weakness and use it to your benefit.

Our Suffolk County DWI defense attorneys understand what DWI defendants go through, and we appreciate that good people can make mistakes. At the Mirsky Law Firm, we are convinced that everyone has an absolute right to the finest possible legal defense. Our team of veteran Suffolk County DWI defense attorneys has more than eighty years of joint experience, and our willingness to fight aggressively for our clients is well-known in the Suffolk County legal community. We don’t simply take whatever the court offers; we’ll work to get your charges reduced or dismissed, but we fight for you all the way to trial if that’s what it takes.

Hire A Suffolk County DWI Defense Attorney

Selecting the right Suffolk County DWI defense attorney substantially affects the outcome of your case. When your future is at stake, don’t take a chance with a public defender or with an inexperienced young attorney. Any lawyer can create a defense, but you need a law firm with experience and skill in DWI cases. Make the best choice; in Suffolk County, the best choice for defense representation is Suffolk County DWI defense attorney David Mirsky. Call us or complete the form in the left column on this page, and we’ll arrange a free consultation to talk about your DWI case in detail and suggest the best course of legal action. You will find no better legal representation in Suffolk County. Don’t take any chances with your future and your freedom. Contact the Mirsky Law Firm at 516-299-6187 or 888-999-7152 today.