Suffolk County Criminal Defense Attorney

suffolk county criminal defense attorneyIt can be terrifying to find yourself arrested and charged with a serious crime. Your concerns about the future can become overwhelming, the justice system can be unforgiving, and the District Attorney’s is dedicated to convicting you and maybe even putting you behind bars.

But with help from the Mirsky Law Firm, you’ll have a sharp, savvy Suffolk County criminal defense attorney at your side. With far-reaching courtroom experience and innumerable trial successes, Suffolk County criminal defense attorney David Mirsky provides his clients with the first-rate, forceful defense that you’ll need if you ever face criminal charges. David has spent over two decades of his career exclusively defending clients charged with crimes in New York State. He has rare insights and a unique perspective into New York’s often-confusing legal and court system. David almost never advises a client to take a plea bargain; instead, he fights aggressively for them and wins the best possible result – whatever it takes. The Mirsky Law Firm has more than eighty years of combined experience defending Suffolk County residents and visitors faced with criminal accusations. The firm represents clients charged with:

Traffic Offenses
Armed Robbery
Assault and Battery
Domestic Violence
Drug Offenses
Drunk Driving
White Collar Crimes
Other Criminal Charges

A proactive, hands-on defense is an absolute imperative when you’re charged with a crime; Suffolk County criminal defense attorney David Mirsky knows this. He also understands that a successful client-attorney relationship is based on personal trust, and he works to ease his clients’ fears and concerns. To assure that clients have all the information they need about their cases, David takes all of his clients’ calls personally; you’re not shoved onto a paralegal, and you don’t become just another case number. David Mirsky will work with you and for you. He provides his clients with the best legal counsel and defense representation from the start of their case until the finish.

When You’re a Person of Interest

If you learn that you’re the subject of a police investigation, it’s always best to contact a criminal defense attorney immediately. If the police contact you first while conducting an investigation, do not provide a statement or consent to an interview. Of course, we all want to “explain” ourselves and “clear up” problems; that’s normal, but when the police are involved, it’s not wise. Anything you say can be used against you if you are arrested and charged with a crime. The only person you can really trust about a criminal investigation is your attorney. If you’re the subject of any criminal investigation in Suffolk County, call an experienced Suffolk County criminal defense attorney immediately.

After you’ve retained the services of a good criminal defense lawyer, that lawyer can notify law enforcement investigators that you are now represented by counsel. Police and prosecutors will be told not to question you without your attorney present. Your attorney can then begin his or her own investigation. Sometimes, an investigation can be concluded without any arrest taking place or charges being filed. Your lawyer may uncover evidence or witnesses who can prove your innocence or prove that you’ve been wrongly accused. When this happens, you’ll save yourself from the cost and aggravation of an unnecessary arrest, time unnecessarily wasted in court, and an unnecessary legal bill.

If an arrest and the filing of charges can’t be preempted, the right defense attorney will use every available legal tool on your behalf to bring the case to its best possible conclusion.

Miranda Rights

In the United States, when you’re questioned by the police, you have the right to remain silent, and you have the right to have an attorney present. Those are always rights that belong to every person in this country, and you do not have to be told your rights in order to exercise them. In fact, if the police are reading your “Miranda rights” to you, it’s because you’re already in custody or being arrested. In New York, if you’re arrested and charged with any crime, get legal help at once; call an experienced Suffolk County criminal defense attorney immediately.

If the police fail to read your Miranda rights to you during or immediately after an arrest, the prosecutor can’t use anything you said against you at a trial. But the charge against you probably will not be dropped. Your “Miranda” rights are:

  • You have the right to remain silent.
  • Anything you say can be used against you in a court of law.
  • You have the right to have a lawyer present during any questioning.
  • If you cannot afford a lawyer, one will be appointed for you.

However – and this is important – if you are not in police custody, no Miranda warning is required and anything you say can be used anyway. If you are being questioned by police officers for any reason, you always have the right to remain silent, and most criminal defense lawyers will advise you to exercise that right.

Why You Need An Attorney

If you are arrested for a serious crime, a good criminal defense attorney will see to it that the charge you face is the proper charge; he or she will also assure that police and prosecutors are following the rules as they pursue their case against you. Even when the evidence is overwhelming and guilt is obvious, a qualified criminal defense attorney can often work out a reduced sentence; probation, a lower fine, reduced jail time, or community service

You’ll want a seasoned, veteran Suffolk County criminal defense attorney with a prestigious record of courtroom victories if you are charged with a crime. After years of courtroom practice, we have familiarity with the Suffolk County courts and the legal skills you need if your case goes to trial. We are aggressive Suffolk County criminal defense attorneys, and we don’t back down. Our successful defense of hundreds of clients has made us a recognized and respected name in Suffolk County courts. Judges and prosecutors know about our tenacity. The Mirsky Law Firm is the go-to law firm to call if you are charged with a crime in Suffolk County.

In Suffolk County and everywhere else in this nation, you’re innocent until proven guilty. While the prosecutor tries to prove that you’re guilty, we stand at your side with an impressive, persuasive defense. We never stop advocating for a client, no matter what you may face. Suffolk County criminal defense attorney David Mirsky also collaborates with a skilled team of investigators and experts dedicated to helping you. At both the trial and appellate levels, he has successfully defended clients by working to develop and present the strongest possible defense strategy.

Hire a Suffolk County Criminal Defense Attorney

A defense attorney wins or loses your case, so selecting a winning Suffolk County criminal defense attorney is your most important decision when you’re a criminal defendant. Every good criminal defense lawyer will safeguard your rights and craft a defense, but you need a prestigious law firm with expertise and proficiency in trying cases and fighting prosecutors over the long haul. In New York City, the choice for legal representation is the Mirsky Law Firm. After evaluating your personal circumstances, we will explain your legal options and begin building for you the best possible defense. We provide a welcoming, friendly environment for clients to discuss their legal needs, and we move quickly to the core of whatever legal matter you face.

Call us today, or fill out the form in the left column on this page, and we’ll arrange a free legal consultation to talk about your case in detail and determine your best course of legal action. Don’t risk your future or your freedom! We believe in our clients and we fight hard for them. If you are charged with a crime in Suffolk County, call the Mirsky Law Firm at 516-299-6187 or 888-999-7152 today.