Nassau County Speeding Ticket Defense Attorney

When you get a speeding ticket – and almost everyone does at some point – you have three options: pay the fine and get points assigned to your driver’s license; represent yourself in court and hope for the best; or hire a good Nassau County speeding ticket defense attorney to represent you. Obtaining the services of an experienced speeding ticket attorney is always the wisest option. If you choose to pay the fine:

  • It’s an admission of guilt
  • It adds points to your driver’s license
  • It raises your insurance rates
  • It may impair your driving privileges
  • It may disqualify you from job opportunities

For many New York drivers, paying the assessed fine might seem like the quickest and “cheapest” route, but this is a common misconception.  Allowing an undeserved citation to remain part of a driving record is like investing in future increased insurance rates, sanctions at work (if the ticket was issued on the job), and/or points on a driving record that could lead to the suspension or revocation of driving privileges.  Instead of investing in future negative outcomes, drivers are encouraged to invest in future positive outcomes by fighting their undeserved charges in court.  This is the only way for drivers to ensure they receive all the benefits of their rights under the law, rights that drivers who give in and pay their fines don’t get the benefit of.

Let’s say you don’t pay the fine; instead, you choose to contest your speeding ticket. In Nassau County and every other jurisdiction in the United States, you have a right to represent yourself in any courtroom. But most of us are not trained to cross-examine a police officer, particularly if the officer has been to court often and knows how to deflect tough questions. Examining witnesses – especially experienced witnesses – is best left to someone with the professional skills to do it properly: an experienced Nassau County speeding ticket defense attorney. Without the help of an experienced Nassau County speeding ticket defense attorney, you are probably not going to succeed in court. Even for something as relatively small as a speeding ticket, it’s best to have the finest legal counsel available.

Everyone has a right to the best legal representation possible. With over twenty years of experience, David M. Mirsky has the standing and skills to fight your ticket and win. His team of Nassau County litigators has more than eight decades of combined courtroom experience. Nassau County criminal defense attorney David Mirsky knows the procedures and tactics needed to win speeding ticket and moving violation cases. He will fight aggressively on your behalf to avoid the assessment of any fines or points. He will even appear in court on your behalf, relieving you of the need to appear before a judge. By hiring the Mirsky Law Firm to fight your speeding ticket, you will receive the best legal representation.

New York Speeding Laws

Virtually every law enforcement agency in the state of New York enforces speed limits every day. The police identify traffic corridors where speeding is common, and enforcement is often heightened at peak traffic times and on holidays. The penalties for speeding in New York – if you don’t fight the ticket – include:

  • for up to 10 mph over the limit, a $90-to-$150 fine and no more than 15 days in jail
  • for 10 to 30 mph over the limit, a $180-to-$300 fine and no more than 30 days
  • for more than 30 mph over the limit, a $360-to-$600 fine and no more than 30 days
  • for “excessive and inappropriate” speed, a $45-to-$150 fine and no more than 15 days
  • 3 points are added to your license for driving up to 10 mph over the limit.
  • 4 points are added to your license for driving 11 to 20 mph over the limit.
  • 6 points are added to your license for driving 21 to 30 mph over the limit.
  • 8 points are added to your license for driving 31 to 40 mph over the limit.
  • 11 points are added to your license for driving more than 40 mph over the limit.

Keep in mind, fines are doubled for speeding in construction zones. If you have 3 or more speeding violations in an 18-month period, your license will be revoked. Your auto insurance rates will go up, and if driving is part of your job, you may face some additional trouble. Always fight a speeding ticket; never just plead guilty and pay the fine. In New York, if you are cited for speeding or for any other traffic violation, get legal help at once and speak to an experienced Nassau County speeding ticket attorney.

Out-of-State Tickets

In the U.S., 45 states participate in the Interstate Driver’s License Compact (IDLC), an agreement to share information about traffic offenses. The ticket you get in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas; it also shows up on your driving record here in New York. Only Georgia, Massachusetts, Michigan, Tennessee, and Wisconsin are not a part of the IDLC. If the penalty for the traffic violation is stiffer in your home state than in the IDLC state where you were ticketed, you may face an additional penalty when you get home. For example, if you have points on your license from previous tickets, an out-of-state speeding ticket may put you over the point limit for a driver’s license suspension. If you don’t pay the ticket, the state that ticketed you may ask your home state to suspend your driver’s license, or you may be stopped from renewing your license.

Hire A Nassau County Speeding Ticket Defense Attorney

While no two speeding cases are the same, David Mirsky will develop an effective strategy that achieves the best possible outcome of your case. The Mirsky Law Firm has emerged as the firm to call if you get a speeding ticket in Nassau County. For more than two decades, we have successfully represented clients charged with speeding and other moving violations in Nassau County courts. Nassau County judges and prosecutors know our persistence and tenacity; we are widely-recognized for our willingness to fight the D.A.

Let us arrange a free consultation to discuss your case and advise you regarding your legal options. Call us or complete the form in the left column on this page, and we’ll arrange for a free assessment of your speeding ticket case and suggest the best course of action. Don’t wait – contact us and speak with an experienced Nassau County speeding ticket defense attorney by calling 516-299-6187 or 888-999-7152 today.