Spring is always welcome in New York, and warmer weather is only one reason why. Young people welcome spring because it’s time to begin planning for graduation parties and prom night. Graduation may be a “rite of passage” into adulthood, but prom nights and graduation parties nevertheless need plenty of adult supervision. Without that supervision, a special night dedicated to fun could be costly, injurious, or even fatal if someone decides to drive while intoxicated. If your teen is charged with DWI on Long Island or anywhere in New York City, get legal help immediately and contact our experienced Long Island DWI attorneys. Parents should also take some proactive measures to ensure a safe graduation night.

According to the New York Times, every year since 2001, Suffolk County has recorded more alcohol-related traffic accidents than any other county in New York, and more people have died in those crashes during that time than anywhere else in the state. In some years, Nassau County has been second in both categories.

To avoid tragedy on graduation night, be a proactive parent and get involved. Be absolutely certain – whether the gathering is at your residence or elsewhere – that any party your teen attends is an alcohol-free party. As a host, you could be held legally responsible if a teen leaves your party while intoxicated and causes injuries or property damage. Ask some other parents to help you; if you have more than a dozen or so teens, they’ll be difficult for only one or two adults to supervise. If your teen is charged on Long Island or anywhere in the greater New York City area with driving while intoxicated – DWI – fight the charge and contact an experienced Long Island criminal defense lawyer as quickly as possible. An experienced DWI attorney can review your case, suggest your best defense strategy, and fight aggressively for justice on your behalf.

Your aim on graduation night is to keep everyone safe by stopping any intoxicated driving before it happens. If the graduation party is at your home – or if you’re helping other parents – be on the alert for alcohol. In any group of teens, one or two will probably try to break the rules. Inspect backpacks, big purses, and any other package that could conceal alcohol. Don’t hesitate to call someone’s parents if you believe a teen is high on drugs or alcohol. Teens hate having their parents called, but what they hate even more is jail, the hospital, and the morgue. Teach kids that they if they do make the bad decision to drink, they should not get behind the wheel, no matter how inconvenient it may be to find alternative transportation. The risks of driving while intoxicated are simply far too high. Hopefully, safety and fun will predominate at your teen’s graduation party. If you need legal help for your teen – or for yourself – regarding a DWI charge on graduation night or any other time, speak with an experienced Long Island DWI lawyer as quickly as possible.