Probation is just one of several penalties – one part of the overall sentence – frequently imposed for criminal convictions in the state of New York. Every case is different, but a full sentence may additionally include community service, fines, classes, or jail time. If you’re charged with any crime on Long Island or in the New York City area, contact an experienced Long Island criminal defense lawyer at once.

To qualify for trial, a defendant must sign a “Conditions of Probation” document prior to sentencing. Don’t try to act as your own attorney in New York; obtain counsel from an experienced criminal defense lawyer before signing any document or agreeing to any deal. The conditions of trial usually make the offender subject to warrantless searches and unscheduled drug tests. Probation also normally requires finding and retaining employment, avoiding criminal acquaintances, and reporting routinely to a probation officer. In New York, felony probations normally run for five years and misdemeanor probations for three years if there are no violations.

When you are serving probation, adhere to the terms. You do not want to be charged with a violation of trial (VOP). When a probation officer discovers a violation, the court is informed and a VOP hearing is conducted. At this hearing, the Probation Department may ask the court to end the probation and take the offender into custody. Because you’ve already been convicted, a VOP hearing is not like a regular criminal hearing; if you’re charged with VOP, you’ll need help from an experienced Long Island criminal defense lawyer. The court may determine that there was no violation. If it determines that there was a VOP, the court:

  • may continue probation
  • may add additional conditions to the trial
  • or may order incarceration

Don’t wait to speak to an experienced Long Island criminal defense lawyer if you are being charged with VOP – or if you anticipate that you will be. Put your VOP case in the hands of a trustworthy and experienced Long Island criminal defense lawyer as early as possible, and don’t hesitate to make the call.