long island sex crime attorneyIn New York, sex crimes are considered especially serious, but the term “sex crimes” describes more than just crimes that involve sex.  Generally, a sex crime can be any crime that involves the gentials of one of the parties, either the accused or the alleged victim.  Some examples of the types of sex crimes that New York recognizes are:

Indecent Exposure – Revealing of certain body parts in a place where it is unacceptable to do so.

Sexual Assault – Engaging in sexual activity with another without the other’s consent.

Date Rape – Engaging a person in non-consensual sex following a date or a night out.

While each of these are technically considered “sex crimes”, sex does not actually need to occur in order for a person to be arrested on suspicion of committing a sex crime.  For example, indecent exposure is a sex crime that can occur without sex, as is sexual assault.  A person can be sexually assaulted if he or she is groped or even kissed without permission.

Being accused of a sex crime, even without evidence or a verdict, can have a drastic effect on a person’s life.  Those accused may find themselves ostracized by their own friends and family, blackballed by industry colleagues, and generally untrusted and disliked by those who know of the accusations.  After being accused of a sex crime, no matter how minor or how serious, the accused should immediately consult with an experienced sex crime defense attorney

By consulting with an attorney, suspects of sex crimes can have their charges and legal options explained in plain language by a legal professional who will work hard to represent the interests of the accused without judgement.  Anyone accused of a sex crime, especially anyone who thinks that the rest of the world has turned against them, is seriously advised to contact a credentialed defense attorney who can give the accused the defense that he or she deserves.